Backpacking in style thanks to my Osprey Sojourn

Osprey Sojourn backpack and roller in style
Me and my Osprey

The traveling in style dilemma

When I decided to travel the world in my first sabbatical I faced a dilemma: I wanted to backpack, be free to decide on the spot whether to stay another day or to leave for the next promising destination but also, at 39, I wanted to do a slightly more stylish version of travelling including dinners in fancy restaurants and the occasional stay in a nice hotel. Moreover, the thought of carrying 15 kg for a longer period of time didn’t seem fun at all.

Enter the Osprey Sojourn.

Basically it’s a roller that has an additional ventilated backpack suspension that can be taken out only when you need it and is securely hidden the rest of the time. 

It’s relatively chic. I mean we’re not talking Rimowa chic but chic enough to get into a posh hotel without raising any eyebrows. The wheels are really sturdy and the dual-tube extended handle controls it well which means most roads, even dirt roads, are no problem for it. But time and again, rolling just isn’t an option. Then you just get out the backpacking system, clip it on and off you go.

Travelling with an Osprey Sojourn means that even after backpacking / wheeling around Vietnam for a month I still looked stylish enough to check in at the Hilton in Bangkok for a stop-over on our way home. It also means I had no problem getting to the boat that was going to take us up the Mekong to Cambodia via a tiny and uneven boat bridge and then scrambling into the boat, too. Good luck trying that with a wheelie in your hand.

I have the 80l version which I never use fully but which leaves me enough space for a cushion and all the shopping I’m doing while travelling.
So, yes, for fashionistas who are into blazing trails, too, there is no better suitcase option in my opinion.

For more information about the Osprey Sojourn check out their website.

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