50 plus women – 5 tips how to let your clothes make a difference

Fashion tips for women 50 plus - how to let your clothes make a difference

Choosing our clothes deliberately can have a huge impact on how we feel, so the next time you get dressed you might want to try one of these five style tips.
Stylewords by Cerstin Henning

1 Wear your favourite clothes

Clothes that make you look good will also make you feel good, they can give you a confidence boost and put a smile on your face. Don‘t just put on any old pair of jeans and a sweater and save the Sunday best for a Sunday that never comes. Choose your clothes carefully and use the positive effect they can have to put you in a good mood every day.

2 Say thank you for the memories

Just like photographs clothes store memories. Use clothes that you associate with special events to help you get this mood back. The dress you wore on the first date with your partner, the shoes that carried you into that successful boardroom meeting: relive the moments and the emotions by putting them on or even displaying them nicely in your room.

3 Spend less

By buying less but qualitatively better clothes you can both reduce the clutter in your wardrobe and get more out of your clothes because they will last you longer. Quality doesn‘t necessarily mean pricey. A good cut, a flattering silhouette and natural – if possible organic – fabrics that feel comfortable on the skin will show that you take care of yourself.

4 Experiment

Finding clothes that are just right for you, your mood, your shape, your hair colour and the occasion can be quite daunting. Many stores offer personal shoppers and stylists for free. Or ask a good friend to come along with you. Listen to what they suggest, try out something new now and then and see if it works for you. Just like everything else in life, your clothing styles can change. Never stop surprising yourself.

5 Give something away

By donating your clothes, that are still good but no longer worn, to charity you can make a difference to someone else‘s life. Don‘t just throw them away. Let someone else who needs it add their story to that trouser suit that has been sitting in your wardrobe far too long. And experience how good it feels to free up the space at the same time.


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